Assistant Restaurant General Manager

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Dyer, IN

Job status
Full time
401K / Retirement plan, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance
Job description
The Assistant General Manager (RGM) serves as the assistant to the Restaurant General Manager and provides additional management coverage of operating hours and direct supervision of operations in an individual restaurant. Focal points include:

 Driving excellence in customer service
 Maintaining company standards in product and facility specifications
 Supervising food handling procedures and operational processes
 Exercising basic, shift-to-shift financial control to meet the restaurant profit margin targets

In addition, the AGM assumes full responsibility for specific financial controls, crew training assignments and the screening of prospective employees under the direction of the RGM. The AGM directly performs hands-on operational on an on-going basis to train employees, respond to customer service needs or otherwise role model appropriate skills and behaviors in the restaurant.

Principle Accountabilities

Customer Satisfaction/Product Quality
• Maintains fast, accurate service, positive guest relations and ensure products are consistent with company quality standards.
• Resolves majority of on-site customer complaints.
• Conducts periodic food safety audits.
• Provides on-going coaching and feedback to crew on customer service, product quality and speed of service.

• Analyzes sales, labor, inventory and controllables on a continual basis and takes corrective action to meet or achieve margin and sales growth targets.
• Maintains day-to-day responsibility for cash procedures such as bank deposits, making change, opening/closing safe and audits of the DCS.
• Maintains principle accountability for timekeeping and payroll procedures.
• Maintains store controllable checklist.

• Ensures that facilities and equipment are maintained to Company standards on a day-to-day basis.
• Completes periodic PEAK audits and initiates corrective action as necessary.
• Monitors inventory, food preparation and order fulfillment on a daily basis to ensure adherence to company standards
• Monitors speed of service (SOS) performance and resolves bottlenecks to achieve SOS goals.
• Responsible for weekly and daily inventory, food and supplies deliveries, restaurant opening and closing and daily adjustments in shift staffing and crew deployment.

Human Resources
• Principle trainer for new crew members with primary responsibility for STP program delivery and documentation as well as specific instruction to cashiers in sales building techniques.
• Conducts formal crew performance appraisals and determines merit awards subject to RGM approval.
• Screens prospective crew members through utilization of the CRI and first level interviews.
• Develops and distributes crew sourcing materials and solicits individuals for prospective employment.
• Maintains principle responsibility for I-9s, new hire paperwork and maintenance of employee files.
• Manages each shift to ensure fair and equitable employee treatment as well as adherence to all company, state and federal workplace regulations.

Success Measures
• Shift/Weekly restaurant performance in sales, labor, ICOS and controllables
• PRC results and CHAMPS scores
• STP certification levels, crew turnover

Knowledge and Skill Requirements
Delivers Excellence in Customer Service
Is fully aware of customer needs and ensures that they receive quality products and service. Ensures work is to the correct standard. Possesses extremely high standards of product quality and speed of service and constantly monitors performance against those standards. Possesses a strong eye for detail and cleanliness. Presents a positive image through tidy and professional appearance of self and other employees. Interacts with customers in a highly effective and proactive manner. Consistently seeks to improve the customer experience. Demonstrates and emphasizes to others the importance of a winning customer experience. Uses customer feedback tools and techniques in making decisions and improving restaurant performance.

Team Leadership
Supervises others and efficiently coordinates their work. Delegates tasks to the most appropriate member of staff. Is able to remain in control in difficult situations. Provides clear direction and authority. Gets involved in a hands-on manner and leads by example. Is assertive. Communicates restaurant goals and a motivating vision; links individual performance to achieving restaurant goals. Demonstrates principled leadership and sound business ethics; stands up for what’s right. Celebrates achievements; recognizes and rewards others; generates pride and commitment. Regularly coaches staff to drive performance against objectives; provides ongoing, constructive feedback. Demonstrates passion, enthusiasm and intensity in work; is a role model.

Business Savvy
Identifies problems quickly; assertively develops and implements solutions; manages restaurant flow to ensure customer satisfaction. Focuses the team on critical business issues; plans, organizes and delegates work for peak efficiency. Ensures understanding and use of available business tools by appropriate team members. Accurately analyzes financial data; identifies trends and takes appropriate action; follows-up to ensure 100% implementation. Understands key business drivers and uses this knowledge to build sales and achieve margin targets.

Team Development
Identifies appropriate staff development needs and action plans and ensure time is available for crew development. Is tenacious in ensuring that all employees receive the opportunity to learn and demonstrate new skills. Transfers own knowledge to others by clearly demonstrating procedures, maintaining high standards and “walking the talk”. Provides resources for development, follows up and gives positive, direct feedback. Provides ongoing coaching and feedback as well as periodic formal assessment of progress.

Restaurant Operations
Technically proficient in all aspects of food preparation, product

Education requirements
• High School, College or University Degree Preferred

Experience requirements
• 2-4 years supervisory experience in either a food service or retail environment, including Profit & Loss responsibility

• Basic business math and accounting skills
• Strong interpersonal and conflict resolution skills
• Good oral/written communication skills
• Strong analytical/decision-making skills
• Basic personal computer literacy

Work hours
• Assistant General Managers are expected to work 50-55 hours per week including peak periods